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How to Stop Birds from Perching on Your Fence


Birds around your garden make a pretty sight. But no matter how beautiful they are, the droppings they leave on your wooden fence after their rest is annoying. Bird droppings are difficult to wash off and they leave unsightly marks while woodpeckers destroy the fence. Before you go crazy running after them, there are effective solutions to deter them from resting on your place.


One important note when looking for the right strategy is to avoid lethal options. They are temporary solutions and they do not treat the main problem. Besides, your neighborhood may see them as unethical. Poisoning the birds may be cruel and later on, new birds will come to cause the same damage. The key is to make your area uncomfortable and unappealing for them. Here are the things you can do.


Set a Fishing Line

Fishing line installed in the wooden fence will discourage the birds and soon, they will find a new place to perch. You can mount this by drilling pilot holes on every three foot of the wood fence. Insert screws in each hole and leave a bit of space where you can fasten your fishing line.


Fasten the line to the first screw and move on to the next until all areas of the fence are covered. Keep the line snug otherwise, this can be a danger to other animals or even to your kids. You may also consider installing spikes or wires if the problem gets worst.


Sound Deterrents

Sound deterrents are available in many shops. The device mimics the sound of birds in distress and predators looking for food. Birds who hear them will get scared. Find a device that changes sound from time to time. Birds are so wise that they get used to the same sound when repeated over and over.

Visual Devices


Some ranch owners and farmers use plastic owls to drive away the birds. Birds do not like them because of their threatening look. You can buy the plastic owls in any home and garden store. They are effective in preventing the birds from perching.


Another frightening figure for them is a water friendly cat. The product is available on Ebay and they will help you get rid of their poop. But just like the sound deterrents, be sure to change them frequently. Otherwise, the animals can easily realize that the threat is not real.


Taste Repulsion

If all your effort fails, you can use a food-grade biodegradable spray. This is not harmful to the environment but it causes an unappetizing taste and smell to your wood. The bitter and smelly taste is discouraging for the woodpeckers aiming to eat your fence.


You may be surprised that birds are also smart. Your technique may work on a few days but soon, they will see the trick. Combine all the strategies and mix and match them to trick the animal. Make your property uninteresting and unaccommodating to keep them away. But if the nuisance gets out of control, it is time to consult an expert. 

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