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Measurement For a Chainlink Fence

Measurement for a Chain Link Fence


Chain link fences are very common in properties all around. They are very safe and secure for any premises and are ideal for fencing around your home. Measuring for a chain link fence is surprisingly not as hard some most people think. It is an easy process that should not take you more than an hour to do.


There are a few things you need to keep in check before you start the task. Before you start, make sure that;


  • You establish your property lines. Know where your property limits are, you do not want your chain link fence to exceed your property space.

  • Check with your neighborhood deed to find out if they allow chain link fences, otherwise you work will be a waste of time.

  • Confirm if you need any permits, whether zoning or building.

  • If you meet all the above requirements then you can proceed to taking measurements for your chain link fence.

Things you will need to take measurements are:


  • Stakes or Sticks

  • A tape measure

  • Pencil

  • Paper


Instructions to measure for a chain link fence


1. The first step is making a sketch of the house perimeter including the yard. Determine the area you want the fence to cover. Most people use chain link fences to cover the whole yard or the back yard. Using you pencil and paper, mark out all the area you wish the chain to cover, it can go the sides of your yard or all the way to the back of the house.


2. Take your stakes or sticks and lay them out on the corners and ends of the fence. You can also use rocks if you don’t have enough sticks/stakes. Use the tape measure to mark every eight feet where you can place a stick to represent the fence posts. Determine where the gate will be and place the sticks to mark the posts.


3. Begin to take measurements from any one corner of end all the way to the next corner/end. Record this distance on the drawing you had in the first step. Now take measurements to the next end/corner and repeat this process until you cover all the area in the fencing parameter.


4. After recording all the distances within the area, add up the figures and count the number of posts you will need in your fence. Remember the stick/stakes represent the posts. Add up all the markers and corners to determine how much of each item will be needed to install the chain link fence.


Please note that chain link fences are sold in linear feet which simply mean 12 inch increments in a straight line. Therefore, all the results you got after measuring the area should be determined in linear footage.

Depending on the units you used on your tape measure, make sure that they are converted in foots since chain link panels are usually sold in 6 – 8 square foot.

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