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Landscaping Plants

Landscaping Plants

15 Beautiful Edible Landscaping Plants

Landscaping plants that are edible as well as looking good. Sounds too good to be true. Well, lets see! There are some edible plants that look as great in the garden as they do on a plate. Some of these landscaping plants are perennials. So, this means that you can have a great looking garden in combination with annuals. Let us take a look at 15  of the best edible landscaping plants.

• Jerusalem Artichoke: They are sunny, bright and big. But they are seasonal. So, how to solve the problem? You can think of planting the Jerusalem Artichoke. This is a perennial landscaping plant that can tolerate sun, grow big in size to cover landscape and also create edible tubers. These tubers are best cooked in winter months. You can roast and steam them for a perfect recipe. A word of caution: Jerusalem Artichokes are large plants not suitable for small gardens. Also, they need a lot of water for blooming.

• Globe Artichoke: These colored architectural landscaping plants produce the most delicious veggies. These edible ornamentals will confuse you. This is because you will not be able to decide whether to cut the beautiful flower for the delicious dish or not. It is best to cut a few and leave the rest to blossom again.

• Rose Hips: Roses are hardly considered edible. But despite all their beauty, some are edible as well. You can use them for teas, syrups and jellies. And who can deny the skin benefits of good old rose water. And in the summer, you can have the incredibly cool and soothing rose sorbet. And did I mentioned they look great tooas well.

• American Groundnut: This shade-tolerant vine is the best landscaping plant in a small garden. The edible tubers made by this plant are similar to potatoes. It is believed that these plants were widely used in the times of famine. So, it makes sense to have these in your small garden.

• Figs: These are expensive landscaping plants that are always loaded with edibles. These trees are large, occupying considerable space. The amount of fruits produced can be overwhelming and you may not be able to keep up. The plant looks great with its glossy leaves and tropical fruits. These can be added to desserts and salads and served fresh on the dinner table.

• Edible Flowers: Well, after a lot of fruits, it is time for edible flowers as well. These flowers can be served with salads or desserts. Nasturtium flower's both leaves and flowers can be eaten separately. Even the seeds of this beautiful flower can be made into a condiment.

• Service Berries: This plant is very easy to care for and it blooms all year round. The flowers are lovely in the spring. You can also collect the blueberry shaped fruits that are delicious for the gourmet. This plant is also known as saskatoon, shadbush and shadblow.

• Chives: These are tasty, beautiful and easy to grow. The flowers are purple, and they blossom in the spring. These flowers can be added to a salad. Also, the stems of this landscaping plant is edible. So get this great plant in your small garden.

• Chinquapin: This is a rare and exclusive small shrub. This shade tolerant ornamental plant makes a great addition to your garden.  The fruits of this plant resembles chestnut and are traditionally used in many recipes.

• PawPaws: These easy to grow landscaping plants are the ideal option for a home orchard. The fruit taste like banana, and they are great looking plants. These grow better once you plant them in rows with close proximity to each other.

• Elderberries: The fruit can be eaten raw or can be added to fruit jellies. There is another fun way to consume the fruit as elderberry wine. The great tasting wine can be made at home provide it is legal in your state. The flowers on this plant are edible and can be made into refreshing cordials or infused sugars.

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