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Landscaping Above Ground Swimming Pools

Ideas for Above Ground Swimming Pool

Above ground swimming pools are becoming popular for many reasons. They are easy to install, low on maintenance, and can be built easily with minimal labor. They are also a sigh of relief in the hot summer days.

Unfortunately, an above ground swimming pool is a blotch on an otherwise plain landscape design. It also obstructs the landscaping design elements by rising above the ground. Water splashing out of the pool can damage the soil near the bottom of the pool. But you can go the extra mile and enhance the curb appeal of your above ground swimming pool and have a splash in your own backyard.

Precautions for Above Ground Pools
1. To prevent the soil around the pool becoming a mess, you should keep some distance from pool to the garden. Dig out the soil/grass from immediate around the pool. Create a circular barrier of about three feet between the pool and the grass. The 3 feet circular area must be treated with chemicals so that no grass growth occurs there.

2. At a distance of 2 inches from the pool wall, dig a trench all around. The slit trench should have a depth of 18 inches. This exterior trench can accommodate unwanted plant/grass growth. So, take a metal sheet and hammer it beneath the pool surface to prevent this phenomenon.

3. Put some small stones and river rocks at a distance of 3 feet from the pool wall. Any splashed water will simply drain into the surface without damaging the grass nearby. These also inhibit the growth of grass and weeds near the pool. Mulch (shredded bark) can also be used for this purpose. Lava rocks can be purchased in various hues and colors giving a nice accent to your decor.

4. Use containers to plant any plants/shrubs near the above ground swimming pool. This prevents any damaging rooting near the pool surface or underneath it. Also, different pool sides receive different amount of sunlight and you should plant accordingly. The plants must be chlorine and salt tolerant since these two are primarily present in pool water. You can plant Japanese box, Wax Myrtle or Beach Morning Glories.

Build a Deck for your Above Ground Swimming Pool
By building a deck around the above-ground swimming pool, you can beautify your backyard as well as keep the pool clean. Building a deck is a DIY project and can be done on a weekend too. The height of the deck is dependent on the pool height and does not require much calculation.

Also, the basic design of the deck is similar to decks built for other purposes. Use pressure-treated timber to build the lower frame of the deck.
A simple ladder to climb in and out of the pool can do the job. But to really relax near the pool, you need to have some large space adjacent to the pool side. This is the space where you want to hang out with your family.

Having a deck at pool's rim level make things much more enjoyable. Even if the deck is not large enough to surround the entire pool, make sure that there is enough space to lay out some lounge chairs and a small table so you can have some small snacks right by the pool side.

Good lighting around the pool allows you to host night pool parties. Besides entertaining, mood lighting can set the tone of your romantic backyard moments. You can go all the way and install an under-water lighting set to get some dramatic lighting effect. Install the lights using a certified electrician.

You can also install outdoor lights from the patio onto the poolside and go for some night swimming. Install independent solar lights to get subtle light effects around the pool.

Patios around the swimming pool provide safety. You can hang out near the pool and also have a slip-resistant surface. When it comes to patios, you have many options. Climbing out of the above-ground swimming pool, onto a concrete patio can offer a safe landing space. Besides concrete, you can also install a classic brick patio.

To go a step further, you can opt to install a closed gazebo. This provides the privacy for changing clothes and also for relaxation in the shade by the poolside. Spice this up with some rugged outdoor furniture and accessories and you have yourself the perfect summer retreat right in your backyard.

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