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Design Trends For The Contemporary Kitchen

Kitchen Design Trends for the Contemporary Kitchen

Over the years, kitchen design trends has been changing dramatically. Now, there are many different genres in this industry which once was quite dull. Traditional kitchens are now getting out of fashion. And for good reason. These kitchens used a lot of manual labor, consumed enormous energy and required more maintenance. Modern kitchen design trends focus on eliminating all these practices. Contemporary kitchens integrate design with functionality in a seamless manner.

​Basics of the Modern Kitchen
​Although the modern kitchen has same basic elements as traditional kitchen, the way these are incorporated has changed. The same rules apply to contemporary kitchens also, albeit a little differently. Now, the designing pays more attention to detail.

Let's take a look at these:


1. Food Preparation Zone:
Typically, an area of 16X36 is required for food preparation zone. It is generally situated between the refrigerator and sink. 
In many modern kitchens it is also situated between cook top and sink. This is very raw food is bought into the kitchen and prepared for cooking.

2. Cooking Zone:
In modern kitchen design trends, minimalism is stressed on. So, it normally consists of hobs and a cook top. Some sleek designs also integrate microwave ovens and grills in between.

3. Oven Center:
Ovens and microwaves are available in a variety of ranges and sizes. So, modern kitchen design trends make sure they are placed at a place where accessibility is not a problem. These can be integrated with the cabinets as well. It should be in the high frequency zone so that it can be used instantly.


4. Clean-up Zone:
It consists of the same basic elements as the traditional kitchen. So, there is the quintessential sink, waste disposal basket, dishwasher and the recycling zone.

5. Pantry Center:
This is the storage center of the modern kitchen. Tall storage cabinets can save space and make use of the vertical real estate. This is great way to store large amounts of grocery and food. 
This should be well within reach from the food preparation zone.

Dishes and chinaware can also be stored in these cabinets.

6. Eating Zone or Serving:

If the kitchen is large enough, you can have a serving area inside the kitchen. Here, you can serve the food and also have dining for 3-4 people. If the dining room is separate, you should make sure that you have sufficient ware to transport the food.

Many modern kitchen design trends are integrating new ideas into the kitchen. In some kitchens, office area is also constructed. Laptop power points are included so that work can be done during dining.

Serving areas are made more creative by combining furniture and table ware. This saves money and also storage space. Kitchen design trends are shifting as per technology. With advancements in technology, more new materials for construction are available.

Kitchen cabinets are now available in aluminum, steel, plastic and even fiber. Energy efficient cook tops and hobs help lower costs. Modern kitchen design trends are all about combining all these elements together harmoniously.

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Food Preparation Zone

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Oven Center

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Eating Area in Kitchen