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How to Install a Pet Safe Wireless Fence

How to Install a Pet Safe Wireless Fence


Pet safe wireless fence is the best alternative when building a traditional fence is not an option.  Relocating so not as easy as to allow you to just unplug and move to another place. Another great advantage is the cost, as you do not have to buy as much material as when building a traditional fence. This modern wireless fence is so easy to set up that your pet would be happily enjoying his new space while you go back to your daily routine.


Here is a guide to help you set things up:




Once you have chosen the right place to put your pet safe wireless fence, you are now ready to set up the transmitter.  Always keep in mind that there should be no large metal objects to interfere with the transmitter. This should be placed at the center on the pet area.


This area should be dry as a bone and temperature is not to be lower than sub-zero. Any contact with water can greatly damage your transmitter. Once these are done and checked, plug the power adapter to turn on the transmitter. Set the boundary to high and the boundary control to 8. These determine the area of the fence.


Receiver Collar


To set up the collar, check the contact points installed on the collar. You may either choose the short point or the long point depending on the length and thickness of your pet’s hair. A long and thick hair would mean the contact point must be set to long.


When inserting the battery, the arrow symbol on the battery should be aligned with the triangle symbol on the collar. For the correction level button to work, the plastic cover on the side of the receiver should be moved. When the LED indicator light sends out a series of flickers, this means that you may now start adjusting the distance your pet may go. Remember to push and release the button within 5 seconds in order to get the desired level.


Boundary Zone


To determine the boundary zone of the pet safe wireless fence, turn on the boundary control dial. Walk your pet along the edges where you want to set up the pet area. Once you hear a beep, you have reached the edge of the boundary zone. Place a flag to be set up the boundary limit. Repeat the process until you have defined the limits.


Fitting the Receiver Collar


Fit the collar to your pet. The contact points should be beneath the neck and should touch the skin, otherwise, cut the hair. This should be done right so your pet can comfortable with it around its neck. So as not to stress your pet with this state of the art pet safe wireless fence, train them several times a day for 2 weeks in 10 to 15 minute time-frames. This training is to make sure that you and your pet are comfortable setting up this wireless fence.

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