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How to Fix a Leaning Fence‚Äč

How to Fix a Leaning Fence

Fences are meant to provide security and keep off trespassers from your property. Having a leaning fence is just as bad as not having a fence at all, it is therefore important to always maintain your fence and do repairs where necessary so that you can ensure your safety from unauthorized access into your personal space.


If you have a leaning fence, it is easy to fix it on your own and you do not necessarily need the services of a specialist. Below are instructions on how to go about it.

What you will need

  • Sledgehammer

  • Hammer

  • Concrete

  • Nails

  • Shovel

  • Level

  • 8 foot-tall 2*4 lumber posts

  • 3 foot-tall wooden/metal stakes

  • Wheelbarrow


Once you have the tools above, fixing the leaning fence should be easy.



1. Using your shovel, dig a hole just next the leaning post. Dig deep enough to push the post back upright like it is supposed to be. Collect the dirt from the digging and form mounds next to each leaning post.


2. Use the sledge hammer to drive the 3-foot-tall stake into the ground till its only 12 inches that appears above the ground. Now position each stake 6 feet from each leaning post directly parallel from the posts. Do this to all the stakes. Put them on the same side of the leaning fence and parallel to each other.


3. Now you need to push the leaning post upright until it is erect. Use the level to determine whether the posts are straight. Do this by placing the level vertically next to the post.


4. With some assistance, hold the post upright and place the 8-foot-long 2*4 in a diagonal position from the top of the post all the way to the lower end of the parallel stakes at the bottom. Make sure the lower end is securely wedged to the ground to avoid shifting.


5. The lumber will act as a temporary brace that will hold the leaning post in a plumb position until repair is done. You will have to remove it later, therefore, pound a nail through it in a manner that it does not go all the way through the post.


6. Take some water and concrete then mix them in a wheelbarrow until they are finely blended. Pour the mixture into the excavation on each leaning post. When the concrete is about 2 inches from the surface of the ground (excavation) stop pouring the mixture. Now leave it to cure for about 24 hours.


7. After 24 hours check if the concrete has completely dried out. If it seems fine then you can cover the remaining excavation with the mounds of dirt such that it blends with the surrounding soil. You can tamp it down so that it is level with the ground. The last thing to do is to remove the 2*4 lumbers that were supporting the post. Remove the stakes as well.


Although it may seem as a lot of work, fixing a leaning fence can be fun and a good experience. There is nothing that is more satisfying that the works of your hand.

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