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Guide to Choosing a Kitchen Rangehood

A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing Kitchen Range Hoods

Traditional gas range is now being replaced by kitchen range hoods. Not only do they provide better cooking terminals, but are also eco-friendly and safer. With kitchen range hoods, the only problem is which option/model will the perfect for your kitchen.

Modern day range hoods are complex appliances that come with a variety of options and accessories. Let us know all about kitchen range hoods to help make a smarter decision.

Types of Kitchen Range Hoods

Wall Mounted Hoods 

This type of hoods help you save kitchen space as they do not encroach upon floor space. They help you maximize the kitchen cooking area also. Wall mounted hoods are the focal point in a kitchen and are apt choice for both contemporary as well as traditional kitchens. They are efficient and perform well for heavy professional cooking.

Island Range Hoods 

These hoods are perfect for kitchen having an island cook top. Most large kitchens have independent central island spaces that are perfect to install these hoods. Island kitchen range hoods are suspended from the ceiling and cover a large central region in the kitchen.

The material options galore here such as powder coat finish, stainless steel, tempered glass and even metals like brass and copper.

Under cabinet Kitchen Hoods 

These are perfect for city apartments or small kitchens as they require very little space. The under cabinet kitchen range hoods serve the purpose of cooking as well as saving precious space. They can be installed almost instantly and contain both stove top and smoke chamber. Cabinets can be matched with the hood to seamlessly blend it with the rest of the kitchen decor.

Curved Canopy 

This range hood, as the name suggests, has a top curved part in the shape of a canopy. This is best for large kitchens and professional kitchens where a lot of smoke and particulates are flowing in the air. The canopy serves an umbrella like function helping remove all the greasy air. Large kitchen decor is incomplete without a canopy range hood.

Besides these, there are technical classifications of the kitchen range hoods. They can be either vented or ductless. The vented kitchen range simply sucks the air out of the kitchen through a fan. The vented air is then released outside the kitchen.

On the other hand, the ductless range hood sucks the air and passed it through an in-built filter to remove grease and smoke. The filtered air is then released back into the kitchen. The vented hoods are simplest and bulky because they require a duct to release the air.

The ductless is a single unit equipment that are slimmer and more efficient. Vented hoods are long-lasting  as compared to ductless systems and require less maintenance. Budget wise, the ductless system will cost you more than the vented system.

Kitchen range hoods are the central element of your kitchen's decor. You may encounter many designs, brands, types and sizes in this realm. However, choose as per your kitchen requirements and decor. No matter which kitchen range hood you choose, you will always find a companion in the kitchen that makes life easier.


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Wall Mounted Rangehood

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Curved Rangehood

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