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Welcome to The Home Renovations Advisor. 

Thank you for visiting our website. We can all use a little spice in our lives. Comfort, beauty, and elegance can be brought into our homes through thoughtful planning. The richness of comfort, the enjoyment of beauty, the admiration of elegance are all things that motivate and inspire us. When we make our homes comfortable, safe, and  full of the material things that make us happy, we spread that happiness to all around us.


Here at The Home Renovations Advisor we tell you the things to do to bring these graces into your homes. Why not surf our website and discover how you can incorporate them into your lifestyle. We want to be the premier site on the Internet where searchers like you find pertinent information that are needed for home renovation and improvement endeavors. We offer many tips and bits of information in many areas of Home Renovations.  

We have spent many years renovating homes and are quite familiar with many issues involved in the Home Renovations circle. As a result of that we are able to offer our advise and our services in this area. We will provide you with information on how to do things, and on how to generally keep your home in the best possible condition. For information on aspects of home renovations and home improvements that is important to you, please visit out Education page and click on the relevant topics that are of interest to you. 

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General Renovations

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Why Use Kitchen Design Services 

Kitchens serve the basic function of preparing food for us humans. So no surprise that people pay more attention to this room in the house than any other. Professionals are hired to design and plan everything in the kitchen.

From the construction phase to buying appliances, kitchen design services can manage everything. These professionals can truly transform your dull boring kitchen into something world class. So, here are some reasons why you should use kitchen design services. 

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Tiles For Creative Bathroom Renovation

If you are planning a bathroom renovation project you have to pay close attention to the bathroom tiles. Since water is paramount in bathroom, you have to consider its role in design and renovation of this room.

The ideas for bathroom renovation can be plenty but most depend on some major aspects. These are size, decor, materials and accessories. Tiles form a special part of every bathroom design as they are laid on floor, walls, and sometimes even on the ceiling.

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Installing a Radiant Heating System

There is another method to heat up your home and make you comfortable in the cold weather. Radiant heating system is a quiet, competent and comfort-inducing home appliance among the other heating systems in the market.


Walking barefoot in your house would not feel so cold once the radiant heating system has been properly installed in your home.



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Renovation of Floor and Stairs

Floors and stairs are integral to the overall decor of your home. You should not spend a fortune on flooring and then ignore the stairs. The combined renovation of both of these features can enhance the look of your home.

They can be matched, or have different color combinations to improve the look. But most of all, floors and stairs must have safe surfaces for the family members to walk on.

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How to Install a Front Door


When it comes to privacy and protection, your front door plays the most vital role in keeping both checked on your safety check list. 

Firstly, the front door has to fit perfectly with the style of your house, and with its size, not to mention that it has to be made to last. You also do not want a front door that makes it easy to break into your house.


You can perfectly install your very own front door without asking any help from professionals. 

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How to Choose Replacement Windows


Changing your old and damaged windows not only offers a chance to have a refresher look to your home, but new windows make you save more energy especially if you choose replacement windows that are larger than what you presently have.

These big windows can bring more light so you can conserve more energy.


When shopping for replacement windows, you can choose from a wide variety of designs, materials and window frames. 

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Importance of Electricy to our Homes

Electricity is a vital necessity in the home and it is almost impossible to imagine living without it. We actually rely solely on electricity in most of the areas of our homes.

The fact is that we use electricity for lighting, for our appliances, for heating systems, air conditioning, and many more things. Actually when you think about electricity in our homes you will realize that electricity isn't just a choice but a necessity.

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How to Size a Home Heating System


Sizing a home heating system needs to be done correctly so that all the areas that require heat can get it. Doing it incorrectly will lead to constant temperature adjustment because the temperature cannot hold too longotherwise. 

This can greatly damage your system which you will have to change for a brand new one. These heating systems have a standard size that increase by 1000 to 1500 BTU. 

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Tips to Secure Garage Against Burglary

Garages are the easiest way to gain access into a house. Yes, this is true! Garages are isolated, have least security and have an access door directly into the home. All these attract thieves and burglars. 

So, how do you prevent burglars from barging into your home using garage entrance? Listed below are some DIY tips that will help you keep the bad guys out.

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Appliance Repair

Decks, Fences, Gazebos


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How to Repair a Toaster

New technologies for appliances are developed to make our lives more convenient. In the old days, some things were done the hard way.

There were no available appliances that could easily help us to accomplish some tasks easily like cooking, washing the clothes or doing other household chores.

If we want to heat food, we can use a toaster oven. However, this kind of heating appliance is not complicated to use. But, there is a possibility that we might encounter problems like breakdowns or malfunctions with the toaster oven that might stop us from using this appliance. 

Be Creative in Designing a Deck

In the real world, many houses are designed by architects, who are paid to visualize and draw according to their clients’ specifications.

There are actually a lot of magazines that feature house designs. In these magazines it might be very easy to spot the latest fashionable house design. Just get a bunch of these magazines and look for common designs and fixtures on the featured houses, and that is it.

The Coming Trend

The great thing about people today is that they are finally waking up from the dull dream that houses should be square buildings with triangular roofs with a few potted plants for variety’s sake.

Landscaping Ideas for the Urban Gardner

Landscaping on a budget requires planning and a strategic approach. Here are 5 budget landscaping ideas that can help the urban dweller lower their landscaping costs.


1) Plan your Garden.
There is no point in tending to a garden that is fundamentally flawed. All your efforts will go down the drain if you do not have a garden plan. 

A garden where all the elements are strategically planned and carefully arranged requires less maintenance. Notice the effects of rainfall and runoff in your landscape.